Dear Parents,


In 1994, I opened my small scale daycare centre, after my own long search for a good, safe daycare for my oldest son Jonathan.


I wanted to create a place which would continue my love and care. I wished to get the trust from protective parents, such as myself. Parents that were looking for that kind of small and personal daycare, where babies and children are seen as unique individuals. A place where the child’s personality and needs are catered for and fully respected. Where creativity, fantasy, singing, dancing, dreaming, learning, laughing, hugging and playing are at the core of everything. Where flexibility is the word of the day, and humour and love are injected into every moment.

A small and personal daycare, where babies and children are seen as unique individuals.

We now have many years of knowledge and experience under our belt. Many years of making thousands of children and their families happy.


If you are interested, please get in touch to receive all the information you may need, and to arrange a visit. I will meet you personally, so you can have a tour of our large open space and of our private, fully equipped playground. I will naturally tell you all about our story and our philosophy.


Kindest regards,



Baby group, your baby in good hands

Many things have been written about the importance of the first years of our life which form the foundation of a person.

Toddler group, educating your toddler

The most important thing for this age group is to create an environment where our toddlers will be respectfully and wisely guided.

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