Baby group

Many things have been written about the importance of the first years of our life which form the foundation of a person.

When babies join us, we clearly understand that they are being separated from there natural safe and loving environment with their parents. Our task and mission is to continue that feeling of safety, love and personal contact that they are used to getting at home. This deep belief  our work.

Therefore, at the first intake meeting that we have with parents, we will gather all the information needed about your baby’s routine, specific needs and personality.  From then on it is our mission to make our babies feel safe, happy,  loved and protected and to make that separation smooth and soft.

We strive to make our daycare feel like a second home for the (maximum 9 ) babies in order to help parents focus on work and other tasks.


Together with you, day by day, we will work to ensure that the balance between home and the daycare will be carefully kept. We will be follow all of the phases of age that your child will be going through and will be there to laugh with, hug with, cuddle with,and most importantly, enjoy that love we get and give. The teachers that are responsible in the baby group are always chosen for their abilities as caretakers. They must be gentle, soft ,loving, giving, flexible and have a good sense of humor.

I am proud to say that I have created a loving home for thousands of babies so far. I wish to think and pray that we helped all of them to have a solid, loving foundation for the rest of their lives.

Our task and mission is to continue that feeling of safety, love and personal contact that they are used to getting at home.
Kinderopvang Amsterdam Zuidas

How it all starts

A week before your baby’s official start date we will do an individual intake talk in order to gather all of the information about your baby and your exact instructions regarding your child’s routine. We will follow your instructions carefully from the beginning. Of course we will be sharing our tips and suggestions with you as well.

Babies from the age of 5-6 months on will need a settling in period, where a familiar person may come for approximately one week (as needed) for two hours each time, in order to relax your baby and help us win your baby’s trust. My advice is, if possible, to start the first two days as half days, making a gradual soft adjustment.

From the first day on through the months and years we will be happy to share all information concerning and regarding your child’s growth and care.