The most important thing for this age group is to create an environment where our toddlers will be respectfully and wisely guided, it love and softness to be able to show them the way. The toddler group ranges in age from almost 2 to 4 years old and this helps to create a relaxed and loving family atmosphere and environment. Our big open space with a small group of children allows the toddlers to feel free and to run jump and move freely.

As we find creativity, fantasy, music, dancing and fun learning so important, we follow a daily rhythm of activities that cover . The group is divided into two age groups, where each teacher leads her age group individually. Children may learn, create and keep busy at their own pace. The daily rhythm includes singing, dancing, learning activities around a theme, creative activities, puppet shows three times a day interspersed with free play.  We also go out to play in our garden (in pleasant weather twice a day in cold weather once). From around the age of two or older, we also help guide the potty training.

We are very much aware that we are playing an integral role in your child up bringing, and we help to shape your children values with regards to kindnessrespectgivingsharing and loving.

I personally follow each child making sure all children are being guided well and that the balance is being found between us and home, making sure that our princess and princesses are feeling safe and happy.

I am happy to provide more information in a personal meeting. Please feel welcome to contact me.

How it all starts

As your child does not know us, its very logical that we will need to win his/her trust. Therefore we will provide a series of settling in days for a maximum of two weeks (free of charge) where a familiar person will join the child and stay with them for around two hours each day.  When we notice that your child feels more comfortable and at home with us we will gradually cut back the amount of time that the familiar person stays until your child is fully integrated. Our gentle and loving way always succeeds to make your child feel at home.